Monday, February 28, 2011

Nicole Hage signs with Abacus Golf and extends with Titleist-FootJoy

West Palm Beach, Florida--- Nicole Hage is pleased to announce her new partnership with Abacus Clothing.

The international golf apparel line provides both men and women with an array of golf apparel. From sporty rain jackets to women's skorts. Abacus Clothing can appeal to all men and women in the golf world. "I am excited to be working with a new fresh golf apparel brand for 2011!" Nicole says of her new partnership.

Not only has Nicole partnered with a new company, she has decided to extend her relationship with Tileist and Footjoy.

"My partnership with Titleist and Footjoy is wonderful, they offer so many great shoes that are so comforatble and they match my wardrobe! I have over 40 pairs in every color you can imagine!" Nicole says of her partnership the renowned golf brand.

With positive business partnerships and successful golf endeavors so far this year, it looks ot be a promising year for Nicole in 2011.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seema Sadekar & Stacey Bieber to host ESPN SuperBowl XLV Full Swing Golf

Las Vegas - Play Golf Designs' Seema Sadekar and Stacey Bieber are taking their talents to Superbowl XLV. This Saturday, the PGD talent will be hosting "Full Swing Golf," during NEXT, a pre-SuperBowl Tailgate party hosted by ESPN the Magazine. During the event both Seema and Stacey will be interacting with the fans and teaching then proper swing etiquette.Although football is the main focus of the SuperBowl weekend, both Seema and Stacey will be offering fans a glimpse into the world of Women's Professional Golf.

"Stacey and I are looking forward to giving ESPN fans tips on their swing, and assisting them with their shots," Seema Says.

Stacey is training for the upcoming 2011 season in Dallas, "Seema and I have been competing together since I can remember, this will be a wonderful experience and opportunity to share together. We are proud to be a part of this spectacular event."

NEXT, The ESPN Magazine Fan Event Tailgate will be held at River Ranch, 500 NE 235d St., Fort Worth, Texas.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome Mallory Blackwelder to Play Golf Designs!

From across the pond to stateside, Play Golf Designs Professional, Mallory Blackwelder, is just what women's golf needs. She is beautiful, philanthropic, driven and accomplished at a young age.

Mallory first heard about PGD through fellow colleague, Nicole Hage at the 2009 LPGA Qualifying Tournament in Daytona Beach, FL. Nicole, who has been a PGD Professional for a couple years, told Mallory she should apply, and the rest is history. Mallory knows that the LPGA needs to promote the beauty and glamour of the girls on tour, and felt that PGD was the perfect fit for her to capitalize on this.

Mallory, an LPGA 2010 rookie as well as a rookie on the Ladies European Tour (LET), is from Kentucky. Her mother, Myra, is a member of the LPGA and her father, Worth, has had success as a caddy for Cristie Kerr and Juli Inkster over time. This year he will be looping for his daughter full-time!

Mallory played her first two years of college golf at the University of Florida. She loved UF, however, when her mother became head coach at University of Kentucky, another SEC school, Mallory had a change of heart and transferred to UK immediately after her mother became head coach. It was the school she grew up loving since she was a young junior golfer, and the fact that her mother was the head women’s golf coach sealed the deal.

Mallory has had great qualifying success and has put herself in great position to enter competitive events with ease. Her 2010 plan is to start her season, shortly, in Morocco at an LET event. She then plans to play on the Duramed Futures Tour, playing the events in: Mexico, Daytona and Texas. After that swing, Mallory will pack her bags for 15 to 18 events on the LET starting in May. While Mallory is busy making birdies in Europe, she hopes that the Tournament Directors on the LPGA will see her marketability and give her sponsors invites into certain LPGA events.

Mallory's mother, Myra, was Rookie of the Year on the LPGA tour in 1980 and Mallory hopes to follow in her footsteps, but knows it will be a difficult task playing on two different tours. She believes it can be done if she plays well enough in the LPGA events that she tees it up in. This marks the first ever mother-daughter combination who are both LPGA members at the same time. This has never happened in the history of the LPGA tour.

Mallory also enjoys watching her favorite TV show Grey’s Anatomy when she can, and admits she is addicted to texting. For more information on Mallory please head over to

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Feature for August: Blair O'Neal

**Since the makings of this article, Blair has won the most recent Cactus Tour Event shooting 71-69-68 and beating the field by 6 strokes. She is also featured on a Golf Channel show called INFUZE MY GAME on (Equipment Section)**

B begins the word, is also the letter that begins the name Blair. One could easily say Blair O’Neal is beautiful but do not let the glamour that Blair brings to the course throw you off track. Blair is one of the most competitive spirits on the Play Golf Designs roster as she demonstrated on the Golf Channel hit TV show, Big Break Prince Edward Ilsand, in which she made it to the final episode and fell just short of winning the title. Before we get to our Q & A interview with Blair, let us talk a little bit about Blair’s background and involvement in the game.

At age 13, Blair began playing on the American Junior Golf Tour and success was immediate; a election on the U.S. Junior Ryder Cup Team in Valderrama, Spain, member of the AJGA Cannon Cup Team, runner-up in the Woman’s Western Tournament and low medalist honors medalist at the AJGA Ping Phoenix Jr. Championship.

Blair went on to play collegiate golf at Arizona State University. As a Sun Devil, Blair competed in every golf event held during her four-year college career. She won 2 out of 3 NCAA Long Drive contests, making her one of the longest hitters in women’s college golf.

Blair turned professional in January 2004 and has since competed in the West Coast Ladies Golf Tour, the Duramed Futures Tour and professional Tours in Japan, Thailand, Korea and China.

In addition to being a professional golfer, the 5’10” blonde is an accomplished model on runways, in print ads, catalogs, magazine covers, websites and commercial advertisements all over the U.S. and Asia.This is something Blair did to help fund her golf career.

In 2008 Blair was named by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time” where she was voted into the final four in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s “World’s Hottest Athlete” contest. She also made it to the Final Four of the “In Game Now” Hottest Female Athlete competition.
Today Blair is focused on trying to qualify for the LPGA Tour for 2010 and we had the opportunity to sit down with Blair and talk about her golf, modeling and future.

Q: What drew you to the game of golf?

My dad introduced me to the game when I was 11 yrs old. He put my brother and I in a jr clinic and I just really enjoyed it from the start. I think I had a natural ability for it… so it was fun for me and I wanted to get better and better.

Q: What made you decide that golf was what you wanted to do for a living?

I pretty much knew when I was 11 that I wanted to be a professional golfer. I would see tournaments on tv and hear about the ASU players and their success. I was around golf and passionate about it from an early age. I’m not really sure how I knew… but I just did!

Q: What is your most memorable memory of golf (either amateur or pro)?

Definitely competing on the Big Break. It is unlike any other experience and making to the finals I really feel like I got the most out of the experience. Competing on the show- the pressure is on and you either perform or you don’t. Bottom line. It’s a lot of pressure and was a great learning experience.

Q: We all know you began modeling to help fund your career. Is it something you enjoy more than golf or something you do to pass the time before the season starts?

I really enjoy modeling but I love to play competitive golf. I like the competition. In some ways they can be similar but my passion is defiantly competing on the course!

Q: Who is your favortie model (either fashion, swim, etc)?

Adriana Lima

Q: Some of your photos are "risque". PGD has been ridiculed in the past for having "glamour" shots on our site, what is your argument about sexy women who play golf?

There is nothing wrong with a sexy women being able to play a professional sport. I have a range of images because I am also a model but as long as you are comfortable with yourself… it is what it is. There will always be

Q: Now onto BB...On the Big Break, contestants describe their nerves being out of control, you seemed to remain very calm and under the radar, what was it actually like to hit the first few shots and some of your last shots on the Big Break? How did you keep your nerves under control?

I think thru out the show I was pretty in control of my emotions and that really was my game plan. I payed attention to what I had to do and I know what it takes for me to play good golf. The hardest and greatest thing about BB is that is literally ‘one shot at a time’. People say the show isn’t like real golf. But if you think about it… it is exactly the same mentality it takes on the golf course to perform well. It’s a test of staying in the moment and focusing on the task at hand.

Q: What was your favorite challenge on BB? What was the moment in which you thought, "I can win this whole thing!?"

Breaking the glass was an awesome feeling!!

Going into this I felt I could win it. I never ever doubted myself and I took one day at a time. That was all I could do. One day at a time- check a day off - and move on to the next.

Q: What do you take from BB that you believe will help you in competition for 2010?

Being patient, focus on what I know I need to focus on, have a plan, and play my own game. I do that… and I will be just fine!

Q: Have you been recognized from being on the Big Break?

I have had people recognize me quite a bit. I’ve had people recognize me just out with friends, out to dinner, at the lake, and of course airports and the golf course. I was out at the Men’s US Open, for a PGD Event this year, and it was crazy walking thru the crowds and the people who recognized me. The show was still airing then and of course that is the perfect Golf Channel crowd!

Q: What are your plans for 2010?

Hopefully you will be watching me play out on the LPGA next year!

Q: You are one of the most popular PGD girls to date! What has been your favorite PGD event to host?

I was out at the US Open with First American Title. That was a great event and a lot of fun.

Q: What do you believe the future holds for women's golf?

Hopefully it continues to grow and we can get more viewers interested in the tour! Also, I think its important to introduce kids to the game and with programs like The First Tee, etc. the game can really grow.

Q: Why are you so passionate about PGD?

PGD will only make the focus on women’s golf grow. It is nice to have PGD because we can showcase our games and network with other companies who are passionate about golf.

Well, there you have it. One of the most popular girls from the Play Golf Designs Roster, Blair O’Neal. Athletic, sexy and a true competitor who truly embodies the philosphies of Play Golf Designs.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Where is the Glamour of Women's Golf?

Where is the Glamour?
A Simple Lesson & Formula To Success

PGD have decided to take a different approach to our normal Press Release. Let's focus on a write up that Nisha and I came up with about a month ago. I was at first reluctant to post it but then realized everyone else is blogging about this so we should as well!

This week the PGD Team has decided to talk about the future of the LPGA and what type of tour the future stars of the LPGA are working towards playing on.

I myself, Tina (Miller) Lloyd, unfortunately feel the LPGA has lost a bit of its glitz and glamour. When was the last time you KNEW what channel the LPGA was going to be on without having to visit their website? On the men’s side you just know it is going to be a Golf Channel broadcast during the week and a NBC broadcast on the weekends. What are the girls in college and on the Futures Tour really working toward?!

With the resignation of Carolyn Bivens, what a better time to discuss what the LPGA needs to do in terms of Marketing to “amp” up the girls out on the LPGA. President of PGD, Nisha Sadekar, and myself, have been bashed about our stance on what the LPGA needs to do, but have stood firm ground in our belief that women’s golf will survive this tough time if the necessary actions are done.

Remember algebra equations? (Yes, I know it makes me want to throw-up as well, but this one won’t! Promise.) Well here is our simple formula to success on the LPGA:

g2+f2+e2=LPGA SUCCESS!
Copyright ©Play Golf Designs 2009

You might ask, what does this stand for? Well that is why we are here…to educate you! Golf/Glamour+Fitness/Fashion+Entertainment/Energy=LPGA SUCCESS! The talent is already out playing the game- their golf games are amazing, the personalities are ready to shine…come on LPGA get with it! What we offer at Play Golf Designs will help the LPGA, 24 Elite Professional Female Athletes who excel in the game of golf. We are not in a competition with the LPGA but would rather work, side by side with them.

“This is what we have said from the get-go. It is hard to have face value for the tour when you are lacking the ingredients in the equation. It is not a competition between PGD and the LPGA but rather should be a partnership. We have been misinterpreted by media in the past, for the same exact thing that every media outlet is now saying the LPGA has been lacking, good marketing. We continue to work to advance women’s golf in any way that we can, both on and off the course!”

We hope the LPGA will continue to strive to better levels to promote all of its players, rather than a select few and we will continue to try and create more buzz about women’s golf, even if it means going out on a limb at times. The future does not have to be dull for women's golf, and if the marketing department would follow our formula, or event that of which was implemented by the former commissioner Ty Votaw (5 Characteristics of a Celebrity), the LPGA would not be so lackluster at this point in time.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this post. Please let us know how you feel about this via our twitter page,

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Press Release June 22, 2009

Play Golf Designs Press Release for week of June 22, 2009

With what seems like it has been deemed US Open “month” in the golf world, the girls of Play Golf Designs have been hard at work. From traveling to the rain drenched NE for the US Open at Bethpage Black, to the Midwest of Mason, OH, our PGD girls have been representing both on and off the golf course.

PGD girls, AKA “Spice Girls”, president and CEO, Nisha Sadekar, Big Break Prince Edward’s Island stars Kim Kouwabunpat and Blair O’Neal, Ashley Gomes of Big Break 6 & 7 and the upcoming Duramed Futures Tour golf sensation Seema Sadekar, were all in attendance at this year’s US Open in NY. The five girls were hosting First American Title to a week of golf and various activities available at the US Open. The picture is of Kim and Blair on the 18th fairway at the US Open, in our cute PGD golf uniforms. Thanks to GolfWrx for the photo. The US Open was a huge success for the girls (and their rain drenched golf shoes) and PGD buzz is spreading more and more doing these corporate outings and events. To read more about the girl’s experience at the US Open please visit Kim’s Blog on

Over in the Midwest the Duramed Futures tour was having their Duramed Championship in Mason, OH. Of course there were many PGD girls in the field! Big Break PEI contestant, Caroline Larsson, was top PGD finisher in the Duramed Championship she finished T28 (+2). Big Break V Champion Ashley Prange finished T44 (+5) and Nicole Hage continued her good golf by finishing T52 (+6). Other scores include: Hwanhee Lee T52 (+6) and Road Trip Myrtle Beach star, Perry Swenson T65 (+9).

PGD girl and Big Break Ka’anapali star, Tina Miller played in the CVS Pepsi Pro-AM at Rhode Island Country Club on Sunday June 21. It was a great opportunity for Tina to showcase her personality and golf game on an exclusive stage. Pictured with Tina is Champions Tour player Dana Quigley, one of the many pros in attendance at this prestigious charity event.

In some TV entertainment news, PGD girl Blair O’Neal, has officially made it to the FINAL episode of Big Break PEI! Blair has ousted 10 other contestants to make it this far and the final episode airs on Monday June 29th at 9PM EST. Tune into the Golf Channel to witness the finale and to cheer on PGD girl Blair!

The PGD madness does not stop there. We actually have footage of some of the PGD Girls at the Duramed Championship! First is Nicole Hage courtesy of the Duramed Golf YouTube Site. In this video Nicole talks about how she has become the queen of Twitter! Here is the link to Nicole’s Twitter video:
Below we will have all the PGD girls Twitter names so you can follow all the action as it happens from them on the road!

Next video at the Duramed Championship is of the lovely and personable Perry Swenson. Click the link to watch the video of Perry talking about the championship before she tees it up.

One video also on YouTube showcases the many beautiful pictures of Nicole Hage from her last Play Golf Designs glamour shoot, showcasing her beauty both on and off the course. You can see that video here:

That wraps up what was quite the impressive week for the girls of PGD. Tina Miller will be featured this Saturday at 8am-9am ET on the ESPN radio show in Pittsburgh, which is a correction from last week

About 15 PGD girls will be headed to Louisville, KY for the Meijer Blessings in a Blanket Celebrity Golf Tournament hosted by Vince Gill and ESPN’s Tom Jackson. This event will be held on June 29th at Valhalla CC. We will have some photos and recap from the girls in next week’s release.

We have so much more exciting news to share with you, but unfortunately we will have to keep it all on the hush until next week! For now please check out all the media links below to see the PGD girls in the news for the week.

Also please enjoy the following Twitter names of our PGD girls and you can always follow PGD at

Nisha Sadekar: @NishaSadekar
Seema Sadekar: @SeemaSadekar
Blair O'Neal: @BlairAlana
Amber Prange: @AmberPrange
Tina Miller: @Tinamillergolf
Kim Kouwabunpat: @KimK04
Perry Swenson: @PerrySwenson
Nicole Hage: @NicoleHage

PGD In the Media this week:

Tina Miller on ESPN Pittsburgh Saturday June 27, 2009 at 8AM-9AM EST:

Blair O’Neal on Devil Ball Golf by Yahoo Sports:,172199

Blair O’Neal on Deadspin:

Hwanhee Lee featured in blog:

Kim Kouwabunpat on

Ashley Prange featured in Cincinatti newspaper:

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Press Release for week of June 15, 2009

Play Golf Designs
Press Release for week of June 15, 2009

As the men’s US Open week begins at Bethpage Black (in NY), five of our PGD Girls will be out promoting women’s golf and the Play Golf Designs brand amongst the men stars of the PGA Tour, at the US Open. Dubbed as the “Spice Girls” the fab five consists of: President and CEO Nisha Sadekar, Seema Sadekar, Ashley Gomes (Big Break 6 & 7), Kim Kouwabunpat (Big Break PEI) and Blair O’Neal (Big Break PEI) are the five Play Golf Designs girls playing golf on some of the best NY courses this week, as well as interacting with players and sponsors at the hospitality area on #18 at the US Open. We will have more on the girls experience in next week’s release.

Speaking of Blair…she is in the final three on the Big Break Prince Edward Island TV show on the Golf Channel. The finale is drawing closer and Blair has beat out 9 other contestants in hopes of winning the show and the show’s grand prize, $100,000! There are only two episodes left. Tune in next Monday June 22, 2009 at 9PM ET only on the Golf Channel. Not only that but Blair was featured on many online outlets this week (see below). One highlight to her many articles was being featured as the Maxim Girl of the Day. Congrats to Blair on all of her success both on and off the course!

In other exciting news, PGD girl Nicole Hage qualified for this year’s US Women’s Open at Saucon Valley CC in Bethlehem, PA July 6-12, 2009. This is Nicole’s 6th US Women’s Open!!! Nicole went straight from the Duramed Futures Tour Michelob ULTRA Championship in Decatur, IL (where she finished T10 at -7 under par), and played 36 holes and shot 68-76 (even par) to qualify for one of the finest tests in women’s golf. We wish Nicole all the best of luck and this week she is playing in Mason, Ohio at the Duramed Championship.

Other scores from the Duramed Futures Tour Michelob ULTRA Championship in Decatur, IL are: Ashley Prange T17 (-5), Hwanhee Lee T59 (+3), and Chris Brady T63 (+4).

Wrapping up the golf action this week was PGD girl, Aree Song’s, performance in the McDonald’s LPGA Championship in Havre de Grace, MD in which she finished T57 (+5).

We will be doing some interviews this week. One in particular is TONIGHT with ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh, PA featuring Nisha Sadekar and Tina Miller. This interview will be tonight at 9PM ET at:

To play golf with any of the girls mentioned above, or to have any of the elite 22 professional golfers host your event, please visit for further information.

PGD In the Media this week:

Aree Song featured on Golf’s Shag Bag

Nicole Hage: First round wrap up article about Twitter

Tina Miller: Interview with Tom Horan of Speaking of Golf

Blair O’Neal featured on Maxim:

Blair O’Neal Arizona Central

Blair O’Neal on National Ledger

Blair O’Neal featured on Golf’s Shag Bag

Blair O’Neal on Washington Examiner

Blair O’Neal on Baltimore Sun

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